No Worries Showers Warranty does not Cover for any damages caused to the shower during Winter that may occur due to lack / incomplete or badly / wrongly done Winterising

Winterising outdoor showers.

It is especially important to winterise outdoor showers. They are susceptible to freeze damage just like water faucets and hose bibs. The unit(s) and all the valves in the shower must be Completely drained and air blown in case of freezing conditions.


1. Plumb your outdoor shower with a shut-off valve so that the entire system can be totally drained prior to winter weather.

2. Turn off the water supply to the shower unit. For a stop and waste valve, shut off the water by turning the valve clockwise until it won’t turn anymore. For a ball valve, turn the handle a quarter turn so it is perpendicular to the pipe. Remove drain caps and let water drain.

3. Turn on all valves and accessories to the shower letting them drain completely.

4. Use compressed air to blow excess moisture out of the pipes and valves.